opinions needed

So this is my first post on Ruth's crafty blog, and I'm in major need of opinions. I spent somewhere between 4-6 hours working on this pendant and I'm wondering if it was worth it. I made a similar one in blue and brown and I love it, which makes me think its the colors that I don't like. I would love any input, good or bad, it all helps.
I also had a friend suggest making it into a ring. To give you an idea of how big it is, imagine wearing it on your middle finger, it would cover your index and ring finger as well. Thoughts?
Thanks for letting me be on your blog Ruth!


Diana and Fam said...

I would make it into a ring but I am just not a pendant person inless you put it onto a necklace, which I have done with some pedants.

r said...

Hmmmmmm. I think it might be kind of a monster of a ring, but as a pendant it would work. It's very pretty :)