Making Stars

Materials Needed
*needle and thread
*35 main color beads (mc)
* 5 accent color beads (ac)
Tie 10 mc into a circle with a square knot finish, leaving a one to two inch tail. Go through 3 to 4 beads pulling the knot and tail into the circle to hide it. Cut off any of the tail that is still showing. Go through one more bead without pulling the knot through. (doing this keeps the knot out of the way)
String two mc, one ac, and then one mc. Skip the last mc strung, and go back through the ac. (the string will be on the outside of the end bead)
Then string two mc, skip a bead in the ring, and go through the next.
Repeat step 2 around the ring for a total of 5 points. To make the points stronger, go through them again in the same way.
To end the thread, go through one or two beads on the ring and tie a half hitch knot. Do this a couple of times. End by going through a couple of beads and cut off the extra thread.
YAY!!! A STAR!!!!
(for the bracelet I made nine stars and hooked them together with jump rings. If you do it, make sure the beads(I used size 11 seed beads) at the top of the points have big enough holes to fit the jump rings, I made a necklace in the same way. Other ideas I had for these were to make them out of crystal and hang them from a ribbon on a Christmas tree. I made some plastic ones that my two year old likes to pretend are the stars on Dora. She throws them in the air and catches them.)
This is the first time I've written instructions for anything, so let me know how I did.
I would also like to hear/see any ideas you came up with. It is always fun to see what awesome things people do with something so simple.

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r said...

Awesome, Rach! I had to read it a couple of times to get it, but that's probably because I don't bead :) The pictures helped ALOT. Good job. I love these stars and I'm definitely going to try to make them soon(I loved Jessica's star necklace at the wedding. So maybe your next post could be how to make that :) )