r's Random Tip #1

Months ago, we had an ant problem.  Thousands of teeny-tiny yellowish ants crawled around our apartment.  (I don't think that we're particularly dirty, but with 2 kids the floor is often covered in crumbs right after vacuuming.) Eventually they made it to the pantry.  Oh the horror!  It was awful.  I had to throw away many boxes of cereal.  We had someone come spray but they must of missed a spot, by the pantry no less.  So, I took matters into my own hands.  I picked up several cans of Raid and proceded to empty the pantry:

Yes, my kitchen is the size of a closet.  Seriously.  Anyway, I got fancy plastic cereal containers, as well as one for each of the sugars.  I filled up the granulated sugar container and had about half a bag that didn't fit.  So I stuck it in the freezer with the flour.  Bad idea:

These are the shards of sugar that have formed.  Sugar to shard ratio is about 1:3.  Apparently what works well for flour, does not work for sugar.

Tip #1:
Do not store your sugar in the freezer.  (though I would guess that most of you are smart enough to have figured that out already)

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Nama said...

Nice. It's like having snow, right? Maybe Hazel can finally build that snowman.