Soda Can Jewlery

I saw a picture in a magazine where someone had used soda cans to make necklace, so I decided to figure out how to put my own spin on it. So far I have made flower hair clips and rings. I am so proud of these silly things I feel like a dork. They look so cute in peoples hair and they are not as heavy as you would think. the rings are alot of fun too.
funny story: the can that the big flower is made of came from a crazy old lady that was walking in the middle of the street. I was on my way home from grocery shopping and was going around her but stopped when she waved her cane. I rolled down the passenger side window and she asked if I would give her a ride to her doctors office for five bucks. Apparently her appointment was moved and she couldn't get a hold of her ride so she decided to walk but about killed herself walking up the hill. I didn't have anything too perishable so i said yes. After talking to her for a little bit I found out that she was only in her fifties and can no longer do the outside activities she used to due to a hip replacement. When I dropped her off I asked for her can instead of the five bucks. I thought it made adorable hair flowers. I'm alot braver at asking people for their empty drink cans now because of it.
Anyway please let me know what you think of what I did. I do enjoy getting other peoples opinions(positive and negative).


Katie B said...

wow, they look really really great! I'm impressed!

r said...

Rachel, those look awesome! I'm really curious how you made them and I'm wondering how sharp the edges are. Could they be used as weapons? But seriously, they are super pretty!

r said...

That really is a funny story!

Ashlin said...

Those are too cute! Have you thought about making them and putting them for sale on Etsy? You could probably make some money on them, once the word got out.