Another Quilt

I finished my second quilt the other day. This one came together much faster than my first one. I only had to pick stitches out once and I caught the mistake before I had gone too far, so I didn't feel the need to hide my mishap.

I've also mostly finished my third quilt. I used the same fabrics as the second but the placement of the four-square blocks is slightly different.

I thought this picture was funny. See that lonely blue block? I cannot figure out where it came from. I've held onto it expecting to find where it belongs, but I think that somehow I just cut one extra blue square. Weird. You'll also notice in the upper right hand corner, my sewing machine manual. I'm not quite to the point where I don't need to refer to it when I have to refill a bobbin or change the tension, etc. I do have to say, I'm much more comfortable using my machine. It's nice to not want to cry when I need to re-thread it and not worry about how fast it will go when I press on the pedal.


g said...

good job r!

mckenna said...

Are you teaching yourself to quilt? Or do you have a friend/family member or class or book or something? I've wanted to learn to quilt for so long! But I have no idea where to start!!

r said...

'Teaching myself' would have to be the answer, kind of, but I chose the easiest quilt out there. It only requires sewing in straight lines and you don't have to tie it off or anything. I found the free pattern here:

Start by getting some fabric and a seam picker :)