Wedding Cakes Are On My Mind

Three years ago, I (with lots of help from my mom and older sister) made this wedding cake for another sister. It turned out really well, despite our having no clue. We made all of the obvious mistakes: cooking and decorating the cake the day before the wedding, having the butter cream frosting and fondant soften too much in the heat of the kitchen, etc. About the only thing that went without a hitch were the sugar roses. I spent a solid week making dozens of them with fondant and they turned out beautiful.
I was also pregnant at the time and very emotional. When the fondant was tearing and the frosting was melting, I was freaking out. Around this time, (9 or 10 pm the night before the big day) while I was contemplating throwing the cake to the floor and crying, my older sister came up with the idea of putting the ribbon around each layer to hide the not-so-smooth areas. It worked and we liked the color it added.
I'm pretty sure I told myself that I'd never do something like that again. Three years does a lot to soften memories. My older brother is getting married in the middle of August and my mom and I offered to make their cake. They don't really have any preferences other than having it be black and white, and having room for the topper that they are molding out of clay. I'll be keeping you posted on what happens. . . .

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brenda said...

the ribbon is brilliant!

black and white will be so fun. you could do groups of tiny polka dots. and black ribbon of course! can't wait to see it.